Anticafe.kz «на Байзакова»
+7 707 505-75-30

Anticafe.kz «на Восточке»
+7 747 202-39-79

Base rates Anticafe.kz

Price for 1 person

Rate Price in tg Rate validity Access to VIP room Note
«Standard» 800 60 min. no This rate is valid any time
«VIP» 1000 60 min. yes* Тhis rate is valid any time
«Operating» 3 500 up to 6 h no This rate is valid on workdays (except for holidays) from 12 pm till 6 pm
«8 hours» 4 000 up to 8 h no Valid for any 8 hours, but only if it’s not later than closing time
«8 hours VIP» 5 000 up to 8 h yes*
«Unlimited»** 6 000 1 day yes* This rate is valid from the opening till the closing
«Unlimited (for a week)»** 24 000 7 days yes* This rate is valid from the opening till the closing of the anticafe, except for days with closed events (in this case, a person is added 1 day).
«Unlimited (for a month)»** 90 000 31 days yes*

* presence of at least a minimum number of people in a VIP room is required.

** Unaccompanied by parents (legal representatives by proxy), persons under the age of 18 can stay in Anticafe.kz only until 22.00

VIP rates provide private room, assigned to a specific company, which people from other companies are not allowed to enter.

Rates for «Closed Events»

The rate "Closed event" provides the entire anticafe for one company for a certain time. Other companies are not allowed to enter Anticafe.kz during the “Closed Event”. The price of a closed event depends on the selected Anticafe.kz, the number of people, time of day and day of the week.

Personal discounts

Are given to each individual person for the fulfillment of each condition.

Discount Amount of discount Note
For the number of people in one company 5%
«On Bayzakov str.» starts from 10 people
«Na Vostochke» starts from 15 people
For your subscription on us on Instagram 5%
For your feedback about us on social media google/2gis 200 тг.
Not cumulative
Regular customer 10% After acquiring a regular guest card and 10 visits after that.

Discounts for companies of regular customers

The discount is given to companies / informal associations of people who regularly visit Anticafe.kz (more than 1 time a month, starting from 5 visits). The size of the discount is 15% for each person from the company of regular customers.

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