Anticafe.kz «на Байзакова»
+7 707 505-75-30

Anticafe.kz «на Восточке»
+7 747 202-39-79

Anticafe.kz «On Bayzakov str.» ❤️

Choosing Anticafe.kz “on Bayzakov str.” you find yourself in a very comfortable, relatively small (about 150 sq.m.) establishment with a convenient location in the city center.

Working hours: daily from 11 am till 2 am
(if there are no guests at 12:30 am, the anticafe closes).

Tel.: +7 707 505-75-30 (calls, What’s App)

Address: Almaty, str. Bayzakov 223, intersection with Karasai Batyr street.

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Celebrating birthdays / events in Anticafe.kz

Work in comfort in Anticafe.kz

Meeting friends in Anticafe.kz

3D tour 👋

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