Anticafe.kz «на Байзакова»
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Anticafe.kz «на Восточке»
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Our mission

Fill people's lives with positive emotions.

Our principles and values

We are honest/sincere towards guests. We always offer/recommend the best (in our opinion) of the possible.

We treat all guests kindly, but we understand that people are different. We do not extol the guests, we communicate with them on an equal footing.

For us, guests are equivalent and equally valuable. We try to do our best so that the guests do not interfere with each other. When resolving issues, we rely on the principles of Anticafe.kz and treat everyone equally.

We are constantly looking for improvements to Anticafe.kz. We gratefully listen to constructive criticism/ wishes and change, making the company better!

We are not afraid to experiment and make mistakes.

We are more than just colleagues - we are a team! We secure and support each other! We always try to maintain good relations regardless of situations. We are fair.

We seek / acknowledge our own shortcomings and tactfully assist colleagues in this search. Each of us is extremely frank / honest with ourselves and with our colleagues. We want to become better, so we work with our shortcomings.

We constantly check on problems with guests / colleagues / anticafe and immediately make possible efforts to resolve them as soon as possible.

We value sociability in people! We try to open up ourselves and help guests open up! We are glad when our guests turn into our friends!

Our team

Director – Inna Viktorovna Pokupateleva

We are happy to bring positive emotions to your life, which we have learned to do quite well.

Deputy Director – Tizyaeva Polina Viktorovna

With love for the beloved work☺️. We will surround you with care and love ❤

Administrator – Aigerim

I like the phrase "Per aspera ad astra" (Through thorns to the stars), which means overcoming life's difficulties and obstacles in the name of fulfilling the plan. Just like in this phrase, I and our entire team strive to become the best, overcoming all the difficulties on our way).

Administrator – Askhat

"Attention to detail gives rise to perfection, and perfection is no longer a trifle." Michelangelo. I believe that in life and work, well doing daily little things, together we create something meaningful and something perfect.

Administrator – Diana

With a desire to bring benefits to society, we have created a space for self-realization, falling into which a person can find new ideas, new friends and truly open up.

Administrator – Kirill

We work to make you feel good! And when it’s good for you, it’s good for us too!)

Administrator – Asylbek

People will forget everything except what you made them feel! Come to us and take away your pieces of happiness and unforgettable emotions.

Get into our team

If you are a sociable person and you like Anticafe.kz format and values, send us your email (if you have one) with an accompanying message on the topic “Why am I interested in working in Anticafe.kz”.

If you would like to spend time with us for free (and work in the future), you can always be a volunteer (a person who helps organize leisure time for guests at Anticafe.kz). The number of positions is limited.

Our rules


Drinking alcohol and being intoxicated

Smoking cigarettes / smoking electronic cigarettes / juuls (hookah is allowed only in VIP rooms, for a separate company. Only for people of age 18+)

Cursing and behaving aggressively

People under the age of 18 must be in Anticafe.kz with at least one adult accompanying them

After 22.00 minors can be in Anticafe.kz only accompanied by legal representatives

Throwing board games. Games must returned to administrators fully loaded in their original state

Locking in rooms (except for the sanitary unit) and / or blocking the doors

Spoiling the property of Anticafe


In Anticafe, we remove street shoes. You can either bring removable (clean) shoes with you, or put on our rubber slippers, or buy disposable slippers from us

After 23.00 the music becomes quieter

It is necessary to clean the dirty dishes (transfer them to the kitchen), and throw the garbage into the trash can. Do not wash the dishes)


Across the cafe, non-hidden video cameras are installed that constantly record what is happening

Our administrators will be happy to help you (when they have such an opportunity), but you need to keep in mind that they are not animators

If you do not know the rules of board games, then the administrators will explain them to you and even play along with you (if they have such an opportunity)

Administrators will help turn on / off and configure the equipment available in the Anticafe

Booking for an event is set only in case of payment of a deposit

Before arrival, it is better to call us in advance to make sure that there are places and there are no closed events

The administration is not responsible for the children in their movement, leaving and / or entering the house all responsibility lies with the parents or persons accompanying the children

Если у вас есть вопросы или вы хотели бы забронировать время, напишите нам.